Cooking With Blue Apron

I love to cook! The satisfying feeling of eating something fresh and hot that you just prepared is hard to recreate elsewhere. Add to that, you might have read about my love of Farmers Markets here. Unfortunately, sometimes (maybe a bit too often), I get lazy. The grocery store (0.2 miles from our house) feels so far away and so crowded. The simple task of grocery shopping for two seems like an unsurmountable hurdle, and we end up eating out. Luckily for us though, there is a third option. Enter Blue Apron.

My mother in law introduced me to Blue Apron more than two years ago, and I have been subscribing to their box off and on since then. The service goes like this – you subscribe on the BlueApron website and then request meals for the weeks you want after looking at the menu. They have pretty good options based on your dietary preferences. I probably order a box once a month, especially after a weekend trip, when we feel especially lazy to go grocery shopping!

My favorite part about Blue Apron is that I still get to cook but it’s handed to me on a in a box! They send farm fresh ingredients, exactly the right quantity, and recipes to go along with them! They also have wine pairings, but I haven’t tried them yet.

Last week we ordered a box, hence this post. My favorite meal from it was the Swiss Chard and Potato Shakshuka, a pretty good dish, if a bit too tomatoey (I would have preferred to use fresh tomatoes, but did not have them on hand to substitute).


Blue Apron sends you the recipe with ingredients list, and step-by-step instructions. If the paper instructions aren’t good enough, they also have some instructional videos on their website/app.


I particularly loved this cute little two egg box for farm fresh eggs!


The hardest part in preparing a Blue Apron meal is all the chopping. Everything else is easy peasy.


For oven meals, be careful – they always underestimate prep time, so the oven stays hot and idle for too long. Pre-heat it after the chopping is done.


I love owning a bread knife. Firstly, it just seems so grown up, but also, it’s really good for cutting bread. Who would have thought?! I also adore these bamboo chopping boards from Sur La Table – so good looking, and so useful at the same time!


About the shakshuka, the sauce was very easy to make because they had us use tomato paste. Neither of us likes food from cans very much, so next time I would substitute real tomato puree. The swiss chard was a great addition though, and I loved how they had us roast the potatoes before hand to give it that extra flavor!


Shakshuka consists of baked eggs, so it is a great dish for egg lovers. Unfortunately, it was an unpleasant surprise for Andrew, who came into the kitchen in time for the finished product and assumed it was cheese!


In under an hour, the Shakshuka was ready to enjoy with the newest episode of Silicon Valley! And guess what? No fresh ingredients left over to languish in the fridge and be forgotten! The only drawback to this meal is that I am now dreaming of a cast iron pan.

Do you want to try a week of Blue Apron for free? Send me a message with your email, and I can send you a trial! Tip : Carefully look at the menus before you order your free week, the recipes can be hit or miss.

*** All the opinions in this post are my own, not sponsored by Blue Apron ***

4 thoughts on “Cooking With Blue Apron

  1. Sheela says:

    I enjoyed your blue Apron Delivery last August when I visited you. Loved the freshness of the ingredients and little bottles and other containers in which they send them


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