Running on Coffee

Happy National Coffee Day! I’m so glad there is a day dedicated to coffee, because I think many people owe their day to day sanity to coffee.

The myriad benefits of coffee include increasing energy levels, concentration, and improving your mood. Coffee has a ton of antioxidants which are necessary for metabolic processes. It is also known to lower risk of type II diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. AND – it makes you happier!

But of course, you could just google this information and find so much more, and my blog is not meant to be a google substitute. So what is MY coffee story?

I think it really began when as a child I would wake up to the smell of fresh coffee brewing. I associate that as one of the most delicious smells in the world, it brings back memories of a happy home, and a few moments of calm before the daily morning rush of getting ready and going to school or work.

In college, I ran on coffee, it was my comfort during late night assignments, and coffee shops were a great place to meet people. I think this is where I really began exploring coffee, learning about different types of brews, and different types of beans, and that Starbucks coffee just isn’t that good. Sorry Starbucks!

Now, I own four different types of coffee machines, a dozen different types of coffee mugs, a couple of milk frothers, and have been trying (unsuccessfully) to master latte art. My Nespresso machine is definitely my favorite appliance in the kitchen. Best Christmas present ever! Every morning, I must have at least 15 minutes to enjoy my cup of coffee – that cup to me is so much more than just a drink – the smell  evokes a sense of happiness that could only be tingled by childhood memories, the taste of each sip increases my energy, and the whole world seems at peace and at ease, nothing at all to worry about. But then, all too soon, the coffee gets cold, so I force my husband to warm up the last few dregs, and then I down them and then the day begins for real and stops being fully mine.

When I explore new places, the first ones on my list are invariably coffee shops, and I have to admit to being guilty of judging a town by the quality of coffee available there. My favorite is still Vienna – who wouldn’t love a city with a cafe on every corner?



So that’s my little love letter to coffee!



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