Doorways to Tuscany

Doors are just so magical! I think it’s mostly the surprise element, who knows what goodness (or unfortunately badness) lies behind a closed door?

On our honeymoon in Italy, I was fascinated by the beautiful and sometimes very ornate doorways. I was almost transported to the past looking at some of them, either medieval, or renaissance depending on what town we were in. It’s so amazing that these doorways, or at least the idea of them have been preserved!

I wish architects would pay more attention to their doorways while building houses – if people judge a book by it’s cover, then why not a home by it’s door?


A green entrance! In Florence


This door is so old – what all might it have seen in it’s life?


In San Gimignano – an Etruscan town, just love the gold handles!


Who wouldn’t love a tiny red door?


This is definitely my favorite doorway – I’m sure I would get along with the people who live here! Sadly, I didn’t knock…

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